Inexpensive Kitchen Countertops and Ideas

Kitchen remodels are considered one of the most expensive renovation projects to undertake. This is obviously dependent on how extensive your renovation is going to be but there are often new appliances to consider, cabinetry and of course the kitchen countertops themselves which can vary greatly in price. However, the cost can be made somewhat more affordable due to an increasing range of inexpensive kitchen countertop materials that are both functional, attractive and contemporary. While stone and engineered stone are always viable options that represent good value over time by virtue of their durability there are some very affordable alternatives that are also long lasting.

Laminate for example has come a long way in recent times and offers better protection and more attractive colors and patterns than the typical laminate most people know and dislike. Bamboo is a great, affordable option when compared to other eco friendly countertop materials. Tile granite and ceramic tile are also attractive and affordable options in their own right and worthy of looking into if renovating on a budget.

Tile Granite

Tile granite isn’t expensive compared to many other countertop materials, and offers many of the same advantages as natural stone, it’s durable and looks great. Seams are the obvious downside of using tiles, but when installed neatly and the seams filled using either a caulk or specialized grout they are far less obvious. One distinct advantage of using tiles is damage is often limited to just the one tile, which is often a point of impact. To be fair tiles are considered difficult to remove but all things considered repair work is much simpler than it would be for a larger solid piece of granite.

affordable countertop

Laminate Countertops

laminate countertop

Laminate Kitchen Countertop

Laminate countertops are also very affordable and very easy to work with, being far lighter than either stone and metal. Laminated countertops are popular due to the improvements made in quality and appearance in more recent times. Laminate is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, being man made and not subject to availability. The seams are also harder to detect in some cases if a faux finish is used, such as a wood or stone pattern.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile CountertopAnother easy DIY material is ceramic tile. It is inexpensive and can look great. The only drawback (as per tile granite) are the seams. Grout lines will need periodic bleaching, and will on occasion need to be resealed. On the plus side, ceramic tiles can be very attractive, and are fairly resistant to marking and heat. The ease of installation and low cost make them a viable alternative to most counter top materials.


Overall, the choices available for low-cost countertop materials are extensive, far more extensive than the three examples listed above. However granite tile, ceramic tile and laminate are very popular and in most cases will make a good starting point if looking for an inexpensive kitchen countertop material. The other thing to consider with the three options listed above is the cost of installation or possible DIY options. Installing natural stone for example can be expensive due to the material being being heavy and more labor intensive to work with.

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